Randy and Kate's wedding!

A toast with the Kumove.Picture

Kate's parents and Kumove.Picture

Svetla pinning flowers on me.Picture

Svetla, Randy and Lubo.Picture

Here's Kate with her friends: Nadya (meditating), Milena, Tsetsi and Polia.Picture

The veil being placed on Kate's head.Picture

Attaching Kate's veil.Picture

Kate and Kumove getting ready.Picture

Both of us at Kate's house.Picture

Beautiful bride. :)Picture

Kate with boquet.Picture

Kicking the bowl.Picture

Kate ready to leave for city hall.Picture

In front of city hall in Veliko Tournovo.Picture

Kate signing the marriage certificate.Picture

Randy signing the marriage certificate.Picture

Svetla signing.Picture

Lubo signing.Picture

The ceremonial wine.Picture

Second ceremonial glass of wine.Picture

Kate officially becomes married. :)Picture

Lighting of the candles.Picture

I look like I'm meditating here.Picture

Recieving the candles.Picture

Holding the fire of love.Picture

Congradulations from Kate's father.Picture

Congradulations from Kate's mom.Picture

First time as husband and wife. :)Picture

Throwing "lucks" to the guests.Picture

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