Pictures from Bulgaria

Me in front of the gateway to the Tsarevets fortress, an old capitol of Bulgaria. Most of the others didn't turn out here. :( Picture

From the bridge over Yantra river. Picture

Monument to four of Bulgaria's ancient kings. Kings from a time when Bulgaria was powerful and conquered alot of territory in Eastern Europe. Picture

A beautiful art building in Veliko Turnovo. Picture

Tsarevets fortress from a distance. Everything looks so much better until my camera is used. :( Picture

Some of downtown Veliko Turnovo from a park in one of the surrounding hills. Picture

Me in the park. I think you can tell it wasnt me who took most all of these pictures... Picture

Part of the college and downtown Veliko Turnovo. Picture

Another distant view of Tsarevets fortress. Picture

Another view of the front of the art building. And the quirky and reclusive giant Bulgarian finger is caught by accident before it can get away. :D Picture

I guess I must have really liked Bulgaria: Picture